Tinned Foods

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heinz baked beans 415g

Rs. 2,052.20

deep cove mackerel in oil 425g

Rs. 1,869.30

edgell beetroot sliced sweet 425g

Rs. 1,636.80

delmaine bean & grain mix 410g

Rs. 1,911.15

farrows peas marrow fat 300g

Rs. 1,415.15

john west tuna & 3 beans 185g

Rs. 1,408.95

silverleaf guava in syrup 410g

Rs. 1,698.80

brunswick sardines in oil 106g

Rs. 911.40

dole pineapple slices in syrup 836g

Rs. 3,272.05

s & b asian miso soup shiro 30g

Rs. 1,103.60

old el paso mexican mexe beans 425g

Rs. 2,101.80

hormel luncheon 340g

Rs. 2,180.85

sealord salmon red wild caught 210g

Rs. 2,562.15

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