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Pizza & Pasta Sauce

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leggo's tomato paste 500g

Rs. 2,534.25

leggo's passata rustic 700g

Rs. 2,720.25

leggo's tomato paste squeeze 400g

Rs. 2,232.00

ceres organics tomato puree 350g

Rs. 1,650.75

barilla pesto pomodori secchi 200g

Rs. 1,718.95

leggo's pasta sauce carbonara 490g

Rs. 2,250.60

mutti pasta sauce 700g

Rs. 2,766.75

leggo's pizza sauce 200g 4pk 200g

Rs. 1,255.50

leggo's tomato paste 2pk 280g

Rs. 1,478.70

essentials pasta sauce chunky 700g

Rs. 2,650.50

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