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Ice Cream Cones, Syrups & Toppings

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chelsea butterscotch syrup 530g

Rs. 2,430.40

chelsea vanilla syrup 530g

Rs. 2,430.40

chelsea caramel syrup 530g

Rs. 2,430.40

delmaine jelly topping 375g

Rs. 2,033.60

delmaine strawberry topping 360g

Rs. 1,979.35

delmaine topping passionfruit 360g

Rs. 1,979.35

jj wafers raspberry 100g

Rs. 720.75

snowden cones party cup 30pk

Rs. 2,185.50

delmaine topping chocolate 375g

Rs. 2,033.60

delmaine topping caramel 400g

Rs. 2,089.40

cottees maple syrup flavoured 400g

Rs. 1,928.20

homebrand cones cornet 24pk

Rs. 1,976.25

queen maple syrup 100% pure 250mL

Rs. 3,716.90

chelsea maple syrup flavoured 530g

Rs. 2,430.40

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