Eye Care and Treatments

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Biotrue MPS Duo Pack 420ml

Rs. 6,285.25

Naphcon Forte Eye Drops 15mL

Rs. 3,251.90

Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask 223g

Rs. 5,270.00

Opti-Soothe Eyelid Wipes 20

Rs. 6,041.90

Clear Eyes Dryness 15mL

Rs. 3,484.40

Clear Eyes Allergy 15mL

Rs. 3,484.40

Lomide 0.1 Eye Drops 10mL

Rs. 4,879.40

Optrex Red Eye Drops 10ml

Rs. 2,137.45

Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops 10ml

Rs. 2,369.95

Optrex Sore Eye Drops 10ml

Rs. 2,137.45

Optrex Eye Wash 300ml

Rs. 4,671.70

Flash Eyelash Serum 2.0ml

Rs. 12,551.90

Reclens Eyewash with Eye Cup 100ml

Rs. 2,137.45

Vita Pos Eye Ointment 5G

Rs. 3,019.40

Reclens MPS Ampouoles 5x10ml

Rs. 1,323.70

Surgipack 6237 Eye Patch Black Soft

Rs. 2,554.40

Systane Lid Wipes 30 Pack

Rs. 5,576.90

Cromo-Fresh 20mg/mL10mL

Rs. 5,576.90

Livostin Eye Drops 4mL

Rs. 4,298.15

Blink Contacts Eye Drops 10ml

Rs. 3,299.95

Bio True Travel Pack 60ml

Rs. 2,021.20

Tears Again Spray 10ml

Rs. 5,158.40

Albalon Eye Solution 0.1% 15mL

Rs. 3,484.40

Blink Intensive Tears 15ml

Rs. 3,067.45

Zaditen 0.025% Eye Drops 5ml

Rs. 3,997.45

NovaTears Lubricating Eye Drops 3ml

Rs. 7,018.40

Hylo Fresh 1mg Eye Drops 10mL

Rs. 7,669.40

Clear Eyes Wipes

Rs. 4,646.90

Blink-N-Clean 15ml Complete

Rs. 3,299.95

Opti Free PureMoist Economy Pack

Rs. 6,020.20

Poly Tears Eye Drops 15ml

Rs. 1,207.45

Opti Free PureMoist 90mL

Rs. 3,949.40

Oxysept 240ml Triple Pack

Rs. 7,641.50

Eye Mist by Clear Eyes 15ml

Rs. 3,764.95

Celluvisc Eye Drops 30x0.4ml

Rs. 3,997.45

Polyvisc Eye Ointment 3.5g

Rs. 1,788.70

Refresh Contact Eye Drops 15ml

Rs. 2,834.95

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