Dried Fruit

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camel dates paste 450g

Rs. 2,183.95

fresh produce dates medjool 226g

Rs. 3,431.70

yolo medjool dates 450g

Rs. 5,091.75

cebu pineapple dried 100g

Rs. 1,207.45

fresh produce dates medjool 454g

Rs. 5,649.75

buderim ginger naked 200g

Rs. 2,416.45

annies fruit snack strips 90g

Rs. 1,762.35

sunbeam sultanas 240g 6pk 240g

Rs. 1,596.50

fresh produce cebu mango dried 100g

Rs. 1,439.95

annies fruit snack fruit jerky 100g

Rs. 1,790.25

cinderella goji berries 90g

Rs. 1,413.60

sunsweet mango premium dried 130g

Rs. 1,754.60

tasti figs ready to eat 250g

Rs. 2,321.90

buderim ginger crystallised 250g

Rs. 2,554.40

ceres organics raisins 300g

Rs. 2,616.40

cinderella dried rockmelon 125g

Rs. 1,381.05

tasti ginger preserved 150g

Rs. 1,464.75

tasti prunes 250g

Rs. 1,740.65

tasti peaches ready to eat 250g

Rs. 1,579.45

freshlife sultanas 400g

Rs. 1,953.00

freshlife raisins 300g

Rs. 1,581.00

tasti mixed peel premuim 150g

Rs. 1,232.25

tasti fruit mix 400g

Rs. 2,278.50

cinderella currants seedless 400g

Rs. 2,278.50

sunmaid raisins 6pk

Rs. 2,139.00

tasti apricots ready to eat 250g

Rs. 2,089.40

cinderella dates pitted 400g

Rs. 1,811.95

tasti cherries red glace 150g

Rs. 1,464.75

tasti fruit mix 1kg

Rs. 4,766.25

tasti apricots dried 200g

Rs. 1,718.95

cinderella mango dried 125g

Rs. 1,377.95

cinderella cranberries dried 150g

Rs. 1,116.00

cinderella raisins seedless 400g

Rs. 2,046.00

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